Tux Exchange F.A.Q.

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Question: What is Tux Exchange?

ATux Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange. Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and Dash exchange via Bitcoin markets are currently offered.

Question: How do new coins get listed on the exchange? Can I request a coin get added?

A We do NOT accept listing requests. Coins are discovered organically by our staff. Please do not ask to have a coin listed.

Question: Do you offer two factor authentication?

A Yes, we offer RFC compliant OATH (TOTP 1.1) soft tokens.

Question: What are the Fees at Tux Exchange?

A We offer a 0% maker and a 0.3% taker fee..

Question: Will Tux Exchange offer USD or fiat deposits?

A No.

Question: Can I buy cryptocurreny using VISA or credit card?

A No.

Question: What happened to the free doge promo for new users?

A The free doge promo ended on Nov 28 2017. During the promo Tux Exchange gave away over 1.6M doge coins to new users!

Question: I get the error "Invalid Key" when confirming my wmail address?

A Please reset your password at https://www.tuxexchange.com/reset_password.

Question: I can't find your business online?

A Our official company name is 2414534 Ontario Inc.. You can find preliminary company information at the following website.